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Sneaky Steve is a Swedish shoe brand, founded in 2007 in Gothenburg, with a focus on high quality, sustainable production in Portugal, and darn stylish shoes.

Sneaky Steve was born out of a desire to do something different in the shoe market. The idea then, as it is now, is that really good shoes are created by people with passion, and to produce something that feels authentic and genuine, there is nothing that can replace the human spirit.

We were founded in 2007 in Gothenburg, where we still have our headquarters and store. The city, known for its industrial heritage, rainy winters, and heavy salty winds, has always played a significant role in our history and has been a constant source of inspiration since the beginning. But Gothenburg is much more than gloomy skies and cold wet concrete. It's a city where subcultures thrive, where the music scene is always alive, and where people from different ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities, sexual orientations, and backgrounds come together.

Our goal is to create high-quality shoes that will stand the test of time. With attention to detail and purposeful design, we develop shoes with the philosophy that fashion, subculture, or taste should not be limited to the chosen few. Everyone should feel included and have the opportunity to express their own personal style.

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